For a Curator, there is nothing better than working with Artists who are not only artistically talented but also humanly gifted , able to communicate emotions through their art but also through their presence and their being.

The artists I work with are reliable and have good personalities . I do spend time with them.

The Artists I represent are people I have, for most of them, exhibited in the past and I know well.

I have followed their progress , evolution and changes in styles, I know their working environment , conditions and their methods and techniques.

I also know what paint they use, how they use it and why they use this one. I like to make sure their techniques will allow their work to last in the sun light, in the heat, in the cold, and to avoid disappointment from my clients on the long run .

This is, unfortunately, something that happens more and more frequently.

I also like to find out how the idea of a painting started, and what it represents for them .I like them to tell me their story.

Whether it concerns a photo, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing…

To me ,this is the only way a Curator can properly represent people, talk about their art, and sell it on their behalf. I know the true value of their work and can talk about it for hours !

I am moved by them, and I am moved by their work.

I remain close to them during their evolution and to understand why they are sometimes taking a different path.

A painting is rarely just decorative.

Often, the colours , the shapes and the textures they use have a story to tell.

That is why there will never be a 100 artists on my list !

The time we give to each other, the conversations we have together, the ideas we discuss, is a unique and truly amazing experience and this takes time.

It takes time to know each other and to trust each other, and when the relationship is there I can share it with art lovers who also fall in love with the artworks I have selected over the years.

For a better understanding of the Artworks I sell , and because I love to discover new and old techniques ( print, paint, sculpt, crafts etc), I have been going back to school to learn, ( even at 40 years old ! ) how my artists work ( Life Drawing class in a studio, Academy of Arts USA, Mix Media course at Central St Martins, London, Textile Design techniques , etc) in order to know exactly how things are made, and this has helped me tremendously in explaining the works of the Artists I represent.

My “ Project” is all about that : only to represent an artist once I have understood where his talent comes from.